Ali started martial arts at the age of 14, with Karate, after receiving his black belt, he fell in love with kickboxing, and dedicated most of his time to learn the art and compete in international level.

After winning WAKO European championships, he began his quest in studying Kinesiology in university, and shortly after receiving his bachelor degree he moved to Thailand to learn the art of MuayThai. Ali has fought all over the world and hold many titles in both kickboxing and MuayThai. He is now fighting with the Canadian national team and works full time at District Warrior, as head coach. Teaching MuayThai classes to all different levels, running fitness classes (* Muayfit) and training his private clients.

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Farinaz picked up kickboxing at the age of 18, while studying applied mathematics in university. She began competing shortly after learning kickboxing and in only a few years managed to become the first Iranian and Canadian woman ever to win the WAKO world kickboxing championship (Brazil, 2013). She currently holds the national Canadian k-1 title upon many other titles. She spends all her time learning new and  unique training methods to elevate the fitness level of District Warrior, teaches beginner MuayThai classes, fitness classes ( Muayfit *) and training her private clients full time at District Warrior.

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