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District Warrior provides the highest quality of personal and group training for Professional and Amateur Muay Thai fighters. Our gym is open to all levels of ability, including those who do not want to compete, but want to harness the incredible results that come from fighter training.

Body Composition Analyzer

Monthly body composition analysis for all private clients

Exclusive equipment

Exclusive Leone boxing equipment shop

elite level coaching and training

offering fitness and kickboxing classes throughout the day to meet your schedule

Co-Founder & Head Coach

• BA of Kinesiology
• International kickboxing instructor (WAKO)
• International Muay Thai instructor (WMC)
• Kickboxing black belt (4th degree)
• Karate black belt | Professional fighter (Total: 32 - W: 25 - L: 7)
• Over 10,000 hours of teaching experience
• Fighter coaching expert

Ali Khanjari
Co-Founder & Head Coach
Co-Founder & Coach
• BCRPA Personal Trainer
• International kickboxing coach
• Muay Thai coach
• World Kickboxing Champion (WAKO)
• Athlete Committee member of the International Federation of Muay Thai (IFMA)
• Professional fighter (Total :19 - W: 14 - L: 4 - D: 1)

Farinaz Lari
Co-Founder & Coach
Ali KhanjariCo-Founder & Head CoachFarinaz LariCo-Founder & Coach